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Melissani Cave

Melissani Lake is a place of timeless beauty. Located near Karavomilos village, Mellisani Lake is an amazing cave-lake which, once seen, is unforgettable. It is probably the most popular attraction of Kefalonia.

Lake Melissani has an absolute invisible specialty, which sounds pretty strange. The lake water is brackish, a mixture of sea water and sweet water. The cave is about 500m from the sea, and the water level is a meter higher than sea level, and the brackish water rises from a 30m deep cave system on one side of the cave and flows silently to the other end of the cave, flowing through narrow crevices into the sea.  Here the water from the  Katavothres on the other side of the Island reappears.

This was discovered by dye tracing experiments in 1959. For a detailed explanation of this unique geological structure, have a look at the  Katavothres page.