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Drogarati Cave

Drogarati’s Cave, which is close to Sami, was discovered 300 years ago, when a part of it was destroyed because of a strong earthquake, and so the entrance was created. Visit it to see the uniquely sculptured stalagmites that nature created thousands years ago.

The cave’s depth is 60 meters from the ground level, the temperature is 18 C and the humidity is 90%. Initially, the cave was developed and used by the community of Haliotata, under the supervision of the speleologist Mrs. Petrocheilos,and since 1963 it is open for the public.

Speleologists have confirmed that the cave has an extension, that, however is not approachable. That means that the cave is probably connected with other caves in the area.

It’s got many stalactites and stalagmites created from the rain, which comes through the rocky level of the cave, it corrodes it and deposits its elements on the edge of the stalactites. A stalactite grows one cm every 100 years.

Unfortunately, many stalactites are broken, some of them because of the earthquakes, some others because of human lack of sense for the magnificent natural piece of work. The big hall of the cave (900m2), is called “Sala of Apotheosis” because of its perfect acoustics. It’s therefore also used for concerts and other shows.